At Richard Tessier & Fils. Transport we understand the role reliable, competitively priced transport plays in your business. Whether your transport needs are local or national, our experienced team of transport professionals can provide the hassle-free service you deserve.

Our commercial and industrial transport services

  • Local transport: Montreal and vicinity
  • Long-distance transport: Canada
  • Turnkey services
  • Free estimate
  • Comprehensive cargo insurance
  • General transport
  • Specialized transport
  • Photocopier transport
  • ATM transport
  • Recycled material transport

We offer a complete range of services related to commercial moving from business move planning, wrapping and workstation setup to moving heavy equipment as well as packing. We can provide you with the packing materials for your office staff, or we can do the packing services for you.
Whether you’re moving one person on the same floor or 1,000 people, we can help you manage every aspect of your company’s relocation.

Industrial moving is more challenging and requires more training and knowledge than most other moves do. There are heavy pieces of equipment, large quantities of goods, photocopier, ATM and recycled material storage systems that need to be moved, contact us today to get your free estimate and learn more about our range of commercial and industrial transport solutions.

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Tessier Transport is a company that is sensitive to the environment, and we have specialized over the years in the collection of windshields for recycling.

The automotive industry is particularly polluting, thus contributing to the emission of greenhouse gases. It is estimated that in Canada, there are approximately 1.2 million windshields that are replaced and sent to landfills each year.

Tessier Transport has been doing their part by collecting and transporting windshields across Quebec so that they are recycled.

Once the plastic film is removed from the glass plates, a windshield can be reintroduced into the consumption cycle. The windshield glass is made of 70% siliceous sand, so it can be remelted and reused indefinitely, in principle.

We are doing our part in the process of sustainable development and waste reduction!

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