Running short on time or need a little help with your move? Concerned about transporting your belongings safely?

Tessier Transport can supply you with all of your moving needs such as boxes, bubble wrap, tape, blankets, mattress covers, TV boxes and special boxes for glass, mirror and artwork. We also have wardrobe boxes so everything that’s hanging in your closet can stay on its hanger until it’s in your new closet.

We are sure to pack and label all glass or mirrored pieces of furniture, office equipment, crockery and other fragile items carefully. Each box is labelled.

Our residential moving services:

  • Free estimate
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Local moving: Montreal & vicinity
  • Long-distance moving: Québec
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Floor covers
  • Mattress covers
  • Dust covers
  • Carts
  • Moving boxes (optional)
  • Packing services (optional)
  • Cleaning services (optional)

How to start planning your move:

  • Choose a moving day that works best for you
  • Make a complete list of all that needs to be moved and disassembled
  • If your building has an elevator, make sure to make a reservation
  • Let us know if anything requires hoisting services
  • Let us know if you require packing services!
  • If necessary, make to make parking reservations for the movers

How to start planning your move:

  • If you are packing your boxes yourself, don't hesitate to contact us for boxes and packing supplies.
  • To save time and money, pack as much as possible before moving day.
  • Pack and label your boxes per room for easy moving. Ex: kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom.
  • Protect your fragile items with bubble wrap and use separate boxes for your dishes.
  • Fill in the empty spaces in your boxes with towels or paper towels to prevent breakage during the move.
  • Save time by using wardrobe boxes.
  • Think about what you need on the day of your move (toiletries, utensils, pet food, etc.) and identify your boxes to find them easily.
  • Draw arrows to identify your boxes "UP on that side." Label items "FRAGILE."
  • Busy schedule? Ask about our packing service!
  • Ask about our cleaning services for either your current location or if you require cleaning and your new location.

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